Terms and Conditions

Online Environment

  • Students must possess basic computer skills (such as saving documents, navigating the internet, and uploading documents) in order to successfully function in the online environment.
  • Students need a high-speed internet connection; dial-up is not sufficient, as the Blackboard Learn software (the online interface) is too robust for dial-up.
  • The program will not run with the Norton AntiVirus Software. Students must either disengage Norton while running the online program or delete Norton from your computer and install McAfee AntiVirus Software.
  • Students are responsible for reviewing the technical requirements for Blackboard Learn (the online interface for the program) prior to the program start date (it is recommended that they do this prior to registration) to ensure that their computer is compatible with all the technical requirements of Blackboard Learn. Visit http://www.bu.edu/tech/teaching/lms/blackboard/ for information.
  • Computer access issues and/or technology failures do not excuse a student from any aspect of the program and is not sufficient justification for dropping the program.

Workload and Time Commitment

  • Boston University’s Genealogical Research Program is designed for the adult learner. There are five modules (or subject matters), and each module will open and close so that you progress as a cohort through the material on a schedule. Each module requires a minimum of 15 to 20 hours per week while you are in the program. During this time you will be reading course content, reading outside assignments, responding to online discussion questions, and completing written assignments. Classes are limited in enrollment with one instructor and one teaching assistant per module.
  • Each week students will be provided with some form of learning assessment on the course content. These assessments must be completed on or before the last day of that module; there are no exceptions. Modules close according to a schedule and cannot be extended; after that period students will no longer have access to that module. Vacation and other planned events, as well as unplanned events/circumstances, do not excuse students from their coursework; students must complete all work in each module while that module is open. Modules cannot be retaken and/or extended for any reason. It is recommended that students print the module content at the beginning of each module for future reference.

Successful Completion

  • Students must maintain a “B minus” average overall and earn at least a “C” in each module in order to successfully earn their certificate. Students are responsible for tracking their own grade progress through the online grade book in the course. Students will receive a composite grade in the form of a grade letter at the completion of the program. The composite grade will not be on the certificate.
  • Students must complete all modules within the fifteen week time period for which they are enrolled.
  • Failure to log in and participate in the program does not constitute dropping the program.

Refund Policy

  • Students who withdraw before the class starts will receive a full refund less $300 non-refundable deposit.
  • Students who withdraw after the start of class through the fifth day of class will receive a 50% refund, less $300 non-refundable deposit.
  • Students who withdraw after the fifth day of class will not be eligible for a refund.

Customer Service