Genealogy Studies Program

See If You Are a Missing Heir

In the Forensic Genealogy module Boston University students use a search engine of their choice to locate hits on “missing heirs.” They are often astounded at what they find. Many genealogical firms have been in business for generations. Some hire stringers on a contingency basis.

Are you comfortable with the business practices in this field? We look at them from all sides.

Every class since our first one has checked for friends, family, and themselves. Someone (and usually more than one) always finds forgotten money waiting in their names. Many of the biggest unclaimed sums won’t have ever been in the heirs’ names, though, because those people are unknown to the lawyers, administrators, or insurance companies who surrendered the assets to the states.

Do you know what happened to great-aunt Helen? Is she the Helen Julien who left you $60K because you are her heir-at-law?

If you don’t know what these terms mean, check out our Online Certificate in Genealogical Research program and never miss that last chance to reclaim your property again.

Melinde Lutz Byrne