Genealogy Studies Program

Stay In The Loop with Melinde’s Genealogy Trend Predictions

Rising popularity of leading genealogy bloggers such as Judy Russell, The Legal Genealogist, will continue in 2015, connecting readers to important developments in techniques, technology, and sources. Judy team-taught one of BU’s summer seminars last year and we hope to see more of her in 2015.

Genetic genealogy will be a rising star this year. At Salt Lake City this month, Blaine Bettinger released a draft of ethical and usage standards for those employing DNA testing for recent and deep ancestry. See these standards here. If you know the basics about mitochondrial DNA and Y-DNA applications, you’ll be stunned at the new knowledge we are gaining through autosomal DNA studies and phasing.

The revolution around online access to digital images of source material is accelerating at a breathtaking pace. Free sites like make thorough research a pleasure. Pay sites like may hold the answer to your most stubborn brick wall problem – in an ancestor’s estate notice or a news item from the distant past.

The skills to command these vast resources can be learned through further education in the company of like-minded classmates across the globe. Come be a part of discovery with us.

Melinde Lutz Byrne